Acid Reflux Treatment Review – Acid Reflux is Ruining My Life!

acid_reflux_and_heartburn_problemsAcid Reflux WAS ruining my life until I found an Acid Reflux Treatment cure after trying out and using all the products that only slightly helped me.

If you’re suffering from severe heartburn or this nasty acid reflux ailment, do some of these symptoms below ring a bell?

Waking up in the middle of the night with a burning glob of acid rising in your throat causing the most horrible taste and scorching sensation?

Eating particular foods that ‘cut you in half‘ with that acidy burning sensation where you can’t bend or even move properly without that heartburn pain…and then reaching for the Rennie’s,  Gaviscon or some other chalky tablet?

I lived on Gaviscon and Rennie and I even thought of inventing a vending machine for pubs and restaurants that dispensed little sachets of the stuff! I’m pretty sure I would have made a killing. A sort of heartburn remedy on the go.

As soon as you eat your breakfast cereal, does the burning begin? I love porridge or oatmeal first thing, but it hates me and would send me flying to the medicine cupboard for the instant gratification of a good acid relief product! How sad. I desperately wanted some kind of acid reflux treatment or heartburn remedy.

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Unbearable Pain

But what really got me in the end was an immense pain in my chest that happened to be the exact symptoms of a heart attack. It went on for most of the day and into the night until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I drove myself to A&E…and I hate hospitals!

I didn’t tell my wife, she would have freaked out, I just told her I was going for a drive to try and take my mind off the pain. 30 minutes later I was hooked up to an ECG machine and being administered Morphine and Tramadol (Ultram). It was 4am and pretty damn scary!

My wife, who’s a nurse by the way, found my note about going to A&E when she got up and arrived at the hospital around 7.30am…worried to death!

The pain had all but gone by then as I was still high with the morphine, but very sleepy. I was booked in for further tests for acid reflux treatment including the old tube and camera down the throat for a biopsy to be taken.

They found nothing and put it down to an attack of indigestion, but I would have to be put on medication for the rest of my life, taking a pill everyday henceforth to protect my stomach.

Acid Reflux Treatment

From that day, I didn’t suffer from heartburn or indigestion for over a year, but the acid reflux symptoms were coming back. I knew I had to change something about my life and, perhaps, go on an acid reflux diet…but what sort of foods could I eat? No amount of suggestions seemed to work.

And now the heartburn was beginning to come back. You know the usual heartburn symptoms of a creeping fire just above the stomach? Well, they were back and now it seemed that I was suffering constant heartburn 24 hours a day.

I searched everywhere for acid reflux remedies and products for heartburn relief, but it was just the same old Rennie and Gaviscon that were advised, but I wasn’t supposed to take these with my Lansoprazole medication I was prescribed. (I was taking treble doses of the stuff by now, just to get acid reflux relief)

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I found I could only get to sleep on my left-hand side now. Whenever I fell asleep on my right, I would wake with bubbling acid racing up my throat, causing me to almost vomit.

I would have to sit bolt upright in bed, exhausted and in dire need of sleep. It was a nightmare…only I was awake.

I tried to find my own acid reflux treatment including by trying different diets, the time of day I ate food and even exercising more, but I would say 3 out of 7 nights I would be woken by this evil burning in my throat.

Yes, I should have gone back to the Doctor, because there was something seriously wrong with my digestive system. I’d thought I’d found the cure for heartburn and acid reflux…but now it wasn’t working.

I’d cut out all cereals and oats, stopped drinking certain beers that seem to cause the sign of acid reflux, stopped eating bread and started eating healthily (again, so I thought) but I was still getting bile in the middle of the night.

I needed to find out how to get rid of acid reflux fast and find an acid reflux treatment that worked for good. I read reports of an operation to sort it out…but I’m a chicken and wanted to find a less dramatic solution.

How to Cure Acid Reflux Forever

I was kind of nervous to go back to the hospital because I didn’t really want that camera thing down my throat again, and, heaven forbid, one up the other end! I don’t call this an acid reflux treatment at all…just an awful lot of poking around.

And because I couldn’t sleep from getting acid reflux, I was becoming more and more worried about it and oh so tired. This heartburn and acid reflux was ruining my life.

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I’d read so much about the condition online that I was almost an expert on the subject, but I still couldn’t find that one solution that sounded plausible for constant heartburn.

Some of the products are quite simply poor with no real back-up of their claims on how to cure acid reflux…I can smell them a mile off!

But, one stood head and shoulders above all the rest and looked at using natural remedies for acid reflux. The website said everything that I wanted to hear and listed almost all the problems that I was having with my digestive system. So I went ahead and bought it.

I’m only writing this to help others deal with the pain and misery of the severe acid reflux that I experienced. I’ve tried every acid reflux treatment out there, short of having surgery, and can say ‘Heartburn No More’ is the only one that worked

Acid Reflux Treatment Review

The book has been around for over 10 years now, so why didn’t I come across it before? I should know about these things? But, I guess, it just flew under the radar. I don’t want that to happen to anyone suffering from acid reflux symptoms.

Once I had found this publication, I set out to see if I could find any negative reviews online. I found a couple but it was clear to me that those reviewers simply had NEVER suffered from severe acid reflux. It turned out that they were promoting another product that paid them more in affiliate sales!

I work online myself and would never recommend anything I haven’t tried or put to the test.

I want to get ‘Heartburn No More‘ out there for all those people who want heartburn relief, and for those who want to find out the real acid reflux causes, but more importantly, it’s for those who want to know how to cure acid reflux forever!

About Heartburn No More

The book is written by Jeff Martin who suffered for years with acid reflux and is a certified nutritionist and health consultant, he decided to find out as much as possible about his problem and do something about it once and for all.

heartburn no more ebookHe spent years of researching, planning, and testing to get to the bottom of why people suffer so much with, not only acid reflux but heartburn and a number of other digestive disorders.

He takes you through why we suffer, what to do about it and how to implement the cure. The book is called Heartburn No More, but it’s so much more than a heartburn remedy book!

It gets right to the root of the acid reflux problem by curing you from the inside instead of relying on products from the outside. Ingesting all these acid reflux and heartburn relief products are doing us more damage than good.

They only offer short term relief and if you don’t do something about it, the symptoms, pain and discomfort will come back in droves.

I took this book to heart (excuse the pun) and did exactly what Jeff suggested. Within a month, I was sleeping like a baby, no more waking up with gurgling, burning throat pain (it’s Hydrochloric acid folks…Hydrochloric acid!).

I don’t get heartburn anymore because I found out through the ‘Heartburn No More‘ book that the food I was eating would never suit me…ever! I have found food that I can enjoy that I didn’t even think of before.

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Now, you think it all sounds too good to be true, but as a sufferer for many years of acid reflux, heartburn, sleepless nights, chest pain…I could go on, it’s given me my life back…and that’s not too strong a statement to bandy about.

The book has everything you need to know about this horrible digestive disorder and is a great acid reflux treatment. Some may find the amount of content a bit overwhelming at first, but just take your time, it’s broken down beautifully into sections you can easily implement.

What this isn’t is a quick fix; reading it won’t cure anything, you will have to change some aspects of your everyday life, but you will see results in a matter of days. You may find some of the techniques a little strange, but stick with it and you will soon see results.

If you’re suffering just as much as I was, then those changes will become easy and readily implemented. I cannot recommend this book enough, it will get you back to your best.

How to Get Rid of Acid Reflux Fast

I remember feeling terrified that I was having a heart attack and leaving my family to pick up the pieces. I was 46 at the time. Yes, Acid Reflux and heartburn can build up so much that you feel that you’re having a heart attack.

Believe me, you don’t want to go through the pain. I’ve had compound leg fractures from football, and the pain wasn’t as bad as that night I took myself to the hospital.

If I had read this book and did as required, I wouldn’t have had those severe chest pains and frightened myself stupid. It was all a huge wake-up call that stemmed from my way of living. It started deep inside me and ended up nearly killing me.

Don’t let your Digestive disorders get this serious. You may be suffering from bile, heartburn and acid reflux now, and you may think taking over the counter relief products will keep you healthy, but take it from me…you’re heading for a fall. The eventual inflammation of your damaged pipes will cause a pain you will never forget!

There’s a video below that will explain what Jeff has done for thousands of people from all over the world, watch it to the end and see if any of the content stirs you into action. I’m so glad I took that action. This is the only acid reflux treatment that worked for me.

I’ve been acid reflux and heartburn free for 5 years now and I only wish I’d found the ‘Heartburn No More‘ publication sooner. It really is a revelation.

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Get Rid of Acid Reflux Fast

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