About Me

Product reviewer from the UK. I like to make life easier where possible, and that includes making health issues!

As you can see by the pic, I’m not a youngster, I’m mid 50’s where an awful lot of aches and pains begin to rear their head! I was told as soon as you hit 40, it’s all uphill from then on…and they were right.

I’ve suffered from severe heartburn and acid reflux problems, Bruxism (which was just crazy!) hip pain and depression (the toughest test yet!) which is a bummer because I’m a very keen hiker, high blood pressure, being overweight (yo-yo dieter) and a whole lot of other ailments that come with age.

So this blog is a sort of review factory to find ‘other‘ ways to cure all manner of health problems…and to avoid going to the Doctor!

I’m convinced (although probably wrongly) that once you visit the GP…it’s over! The health Pro’s have got you in their net and will point out tons more things that are wrong with you.

Then you spend the rest of your life taking pills and worrying about your eventual demise from this earth.

The saying goes that ‘ignorance is bliss‘ and that’ll do for me!

So I go around finding alternative methods to get me back on track. So far, most of my ailments have been taken care of by just searching the Intenet in the hope of finding a perfect remedy. So far, so good.

A disclaimer here. You should visit your doctor if you’re worried about your health. Take no notice of me…I’m a chancer and chancers either pull it off or die trying!