Bipolar Disorder or Manic Depression

Manic depression or bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterised by the abrupt change of mood. On one hand, it generates exaggerated feelings and reactions (euphoria). Bipolar individuals feel so positive they believe they can do even what is beyond human capacity.

On the other hand, it generates depression. Depending on the case, this disorder can have the characteristics of a psychosis.

Carl Jung’s Discoveries

The Precious Meaning of Dreams

This mysterious mental disorder could be enlightened thanks to the discoveries of the psychiatrist Carl Jung concerning the meaning of dreams, and thanks to my discoveries. I continued Jung’s research, completing his arduous mission. Today we know that whenever someone suffers from manic depression or bipolar disorder, they are controlled by their anti-conscience.

The anti-conscience is the wild and primitive side of our conscience, which didn’t evolve like our human side. This primitive content generates mental illnesses and mental disorders within our human conscience.

Whenever the absurd content of the anti-conscience invades the human side of our conscience, we have absurd thoughts and feelings, and we show abnormal behavior.

However, this content cannot remain in our conscience if we don’t follow the absurd thoughts imposed by our evil anti-conscience.

The anti-conscience may be absurd but it is very cunning: it uses several tricks in order to dominate the human side of our conscience.

This is why it causes to manically depressed individuals the feeling of euphoria – a Greek word that means ‘excitement and good mood.’ It leads these individuals to the depths of depression after eluding them with fantasies of grandiosity and self-realization.

New Scientific Discoveries

Solving a Mystery

The anti-conscience is our wild personality, which refuses to be tamed by our sensibility and sensitivity. Some people are inclined to follow its absurd thoughts, and this is why they suffer from bipolar disorder, or any other mental disorder or mental illness.

Depending on the degree of domination of the anti-conscience into someone’s conscious field, they will suffer from a different mental disorder or mental illness. Manic depression or bipolar disorder is only one mental disorder among an infinite list of mental disorders, which are all generated by the craziness of the anti-conscience.

Now that this mystery was solved, we can cure individuals who suffer from manic depression by eliminating their anti-conscience through consciousness. This is done through dream translation.

The Divine Origin of The Unconscious Mind

The Wise Unconscious Guidance in Dreams

Carl Jung discovered the importance of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams. I discovered proof of the unconscious sanctity. My discoveries are gradually putting an end to the atheism that characterises our civilisation.

The unconscious mind is a saintly mind that works like a natural doctor. It can be absolutely trusted without fear.

When we master the dream language we understand the wise unconscious guidance in our dreams. The dream images are the unconscious words. All dream images have a symbolic meaning and give us precious information.

I greatly simplified Jung’s method of dream interpretation. Today everyone can easily learn how to translate dream images into words that they understand. Thus, everyone can fight against manic depression or bipolar disorder through dream therapy.

The unconscious treatment is safe and effective in all cases. Numerous people were cured of all types of mental disorders and mental illnesses through dream translation.

However, individuals who suffer from manic depression need the support of someone else in order to follow dream therapy without giving up. This happens because they are controlled by their anti-conscience most of the time. Their anti-conscience doesn’t let them accept passing through a process of consciousness that eliminates its influence.

In case you suffer from manic depression yourself and you don’t have anyone’s support, you must be insistent. Keep following the unconscious guidance in your dreams. You will surely find peace and sound mental health. The unconscious mind will help you build a uniform and self-confident personality. You’ll stop suffering, and become a wise human being.

Recovering Your Conscience After Losing It

Beginning a New Life

If you pay attention to the craziness imposed by your anti-conscience, it becomes stronger and you gradually lose the capacity to understand what you are doing.

You forget your moral principles, nothing has any meaning in your life, and you gradually forget who you are.

When you are bipolar this means that the anti-conscience frequently invades the human side of your conscience, constantly sending you absurd ideas, feelings and sensations, or even a strange intuition. However, this domination doesn’t last too long, and when you recuperate your human conscience, you cannot understand how you could behave the way you did.

You have two personalities: one given to you by the control of your anti-conscience, and another one shaped by the human side of your conscience, the part of your brain with which you identify yourself.

You need the protection of the unconscious mind that sends you wise messages in dreams, which work like psychotherapy.

Your mental disorder will completely disappear as you learn how to develop your intelligence while transforming the wild content you have inherited into a positive component of your human conscience.

Bipolar I Disorder and Bipolar II Disorder

Eliminating Mood Swings

Bipolar disorder or manic depression is characterised by an alternation of mood and reactions in individuals who are gradually losing their conscience. They have feelings of grandiosity. They are possessed by an exaggerated energy that leads them to intense activity.

After a certain period of time, they are immersed in profound depression. This condition was given the clinical name bipolar because the state of euphoria and depression are at the polar ends of the human range of emotions.

In severe cases, individuals affected by bipolar disorder experience delusions or hallucinations. Their mental disorder acquires the characteristics of a psychosis because they become out of touch with reality.

Bipolar I disorder is characterised by extreme mood swings, from mania (an exaggerated enthusiasm or euphoria) to depression (deep sadness and despair).

Bipolar II disorder is characterised by episodes of hypomania, which generate reactions not as enthusiastic as in cases of bipolar I disorder. Bipolar II disorder generates medium depression, in alternation with hypomanic episodes.

Cyclothymic disorder describes mood swings that are less intense than in cases of bipolar I or II disorder.

In order to eliminate the mood swings that cause abnormal behaviour, bipolar individuals must follow dream therapy. The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is a perfect natural doctor. It analyses the content of the dreamers’ psyche and their lives in the dream images.

Thus, by translating the meaning of their dreams according to the scientific method, manic depressed or bipolar individuals can understand how to fight against their mental disorder.

The unconscious psychotherapy is based on showing to all dreamers all the mistakes they make for being influenced by their anti-conscience – their primitive and wild personality, which is extremely violent, immoral, and cruel.

All mental disorders begin with the influence of the anti-conscience into our human conscience. However, its poisonous action has different effects on each person. Everything depends on their psychological make-up and on the situations they experience in their lives.

Dream Therapy

Building a Sensible, Sensitive, and Self-Confident Personality

Introverted psychological types are closer to insanity because they are more connected to their internal ego than to what is happening in the real world. This is why they tend to become bipolar.

Extroverted psychological types are not more balanced than introverted ones, but they manage to overcome their existential problems through material compensations.

Extroverted psychological types usually suffer from mental illnesses that are not recognised by the superficial mindset of our materialistic civilisation, like neurosis.

Introverted psychological types usually fall into their anti- conscience’s traps because they are more interested in their personal opinion than in the general opinion.

The anti-conscience penetrates the human conscience of all human beings by imposing its absurd thoughts and feelings. However, it pretends to belong to the human conscience. Thus, we cannot recognise its intervention, unless we study the lessons given by the unconscious mind in our dreams.

Even though extroverted psychological types become victims of the anti- conscience’s absurdity many times, they don’t trust their personal judgment as much as introverted psychological types.

Introverted psychological types tend to follow the crazy thoughts and feelings imposed by the anti-conscience for believing that they are ‘their own thoughts and feelings’, without suspecting that this content is primitive.

The unconscious psychotherapy helps them separate the primitive and poisonous content that belongs to the anti-conscience from the content of their human side.

All dream images contain important messages that eliminate the negative influence of the dreamers’ anti-conscience. Through dream therapy, they learn how to stop following the absurdity imposed by their anti-conscience; thus, eliminating the mood swings it generates.

This is how they manage to tame their wild nature and acquire more consciousness. They are then able to build a sensible, sensitive, and self-confident personality.