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What is The Gout Code, and Even, What is Gout?

Before we go on to find what I think may be the best treatment for gout and a very real remedy for gout (The Gout Code, from a personal experience), I need to say something obvious…you probably know all about gout and you’re looking for a way to stop the pain and get rid of gout forever…am I right?

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but there will be people who are not sure they even have gout, or perhaps it’s the first time they’ve experienced that agonizing pain, whether it be in their feet, knees or hands, it doesn’t matter, it’s new to them.

So, I will first explain what gout is for those who are new to this horrible condition and especially for those who suspect that gout has unceremoniously arrived in their lives!

There are plenty of myths to eliminate before treating gout too, download them here for future reference.

For those who already know about this disease and are looking for a way to find a remedy for gout, you can skip the next few paragraphs and move onto what I think will benefit your gout problem more than any of the pills and potions that are pushed your way by an overworked medical practitioner…you know the type. The ones that just want to get rid of you!

So, with that said – What is gout and how do I know I’ve got it?

Am I Suffering From Gout?

Gout is an arthritic condition where uric acid crystals build up to cause inflammation around the joints. Its pain can be electrifying and rapid and leads to swelling and lots of discomfort.

Research has shown that gout is on the rise worldwide and shows that one in forty people in the UK suffer from gout and around 8 million Americans succumb to this painful ailment.

Gout, as a demographic, affects men of 30 years and above along with post- menopausal women. The consensus is that men are more prone to gout than women.

Suffering from gout can be agonizing and almost disabling, but there are ways to relieve it at source and stave off any future attacks.


gout in handsThe Symptoms of Gout

Pick any joint on the body and gout can affect it, although in most cases the main pain comes from the joints at the extremities of our bone structure. Toes and ankles are the most common areas, but fingers and even knees can become painful problems.

What Are The Tell-Tale Signs Of Gout

  • Excruciating pain in one or a group of joints
  • A feeling of radiating heat and tenderness in the joint area
  • The area around the joints becoming swollen
  • The affected joint area shows signs of redness with sheen

Gout can creep up on you and explode quickly inside of 3 hours and last for up to a week or more. The pain should subside after a flare up and the joint swelling, redness and pain will return to the pre-attack condition.

It’s not over though. Once an attack has taken place, the sufferer can expect further attacks within a 12-month period.

Should I See A Doctor?

Certainly! If you experience any of the above, you need it professionally diagnosed. You may also experience a high fever if the pain doesn’t go away or gets worse.

Visiting a Doctor should eliminate other similar conditions such as an infected joint that would need to be treated immediately.

Once you have been diagnosed as having gout, the Doctor will prescribe appropriate medicines to help relieve the pain and swelling. If there is no change in your circumstances and the pain is still severe after a few days, go back to the surgery for viable alternative medications.

If prescriptions aren’t working look for an alternative health approach, such a diet change or holistic therapy.

What Are The Main Causes Of Gout?

The overall cause of gout is a build-up of uric acid which surrounds the joints.

If your kidneys aren’t filtering out the uric acid from your blood supply then the uric acid crystals congregate around the joints. Think of these as tiny pieces of splintered glass. As you can imagine, having such sharp tiny objects attacking the joint areas, it will soon become inflamed, red and very painful.

Situations where the possibility of a gout flare-up can be increased may include:

  • Being overweight, diabetes and high blood pressure
  • A history of gout within the close family unit
  • Problems with the Kidney
  • Diet. Eating red meat, liver, kidneys etc. or even fish, muscles and other crustaceans.
  • Over consumption of alcohol


gout in toeMain Remedies For Gout

Gout can be temporally treated by a visit to your doctor.

Ice packs surrounding the affected joint area or by taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids or colchicine will help.

Preventing Further Flare-Ups
A change of diet will be needed, you may need to lose weight and stay away from alcohol. Also, seek out medications that will lower uric acid levels.

A change of lifestyle can lower uric acid particles in the blood enabling the crystals to dissolve. Once the crystals have been eliminated for good, you will no longer suffer from gout. That doesn’t mean to say they won’t build-up again. If you return to your old diet lifestyle, expect gout to rear its ugly head again!

Can Gout Cause Even More Ailments?

Gout can have a detrimental effect on other parts of your body if not dealt with.

Some of these problems can ensue:

  • Nephrolith, or Kidney Stones
  • Tophi – A collective build-up of uric acid crystals forming hard lumps under the skin
  • Everlasting joint destruction

Ever Heard of Pseudogout?
Pseudogout is another arthritic condition that attacks the knee joint first. It is a form of gout that has all the similarities of full blown gout seen on other joints of the body, but is more commonly associated with the wrist or, primarily, the knee.

Now you know what gout is, how can it be treated naturally instead of relying on prescription drugs?

The Gout Code - Click to Find Out More

The Alternative Methods

Many sufferers of gout get frustrated when their Doctors prescribe catch-all medications that are supposed to offer gout relief. These prescription drugs can be very hit or miss and can come bundled with any amount of worrying side effects.

Wouldn’t it be better to find an alternative that is both healthy and viable?

There are many books about healing gout, but which work and which are hearsay?

The reason I took an interest in the subject of gout stems from a friend of mine. I walk my dogs in a park near to where I live and would often meet up with friends walking their own dogs. I’d known Dave for around 30 years, we used to play football in the same local team and Dave was one of the fittest guys I knew.

I was always a little jealous of his speed and stamina. Anyway, since he retired at 52 (another reason why I was envious of him!) he had a lot of time on his hands and often took off on cruises with his wife, Jenny.

A Different Story

But over a period of 6 about months I noticed he complained more and more about his ‘gout’.  Then one day, out in the park I noticed one of his boots had a great gaping hole where his right toe was. I have to admit I sniggered a little, but Dave wasn’t in any mood to join me.

He explained it was the only way he could get out and about these days because the gout pain was so horrendous and I remarked that I hadn’t seen in in a while. Where had he been?

Naturally, I thought he’d been away again, and he would’ve been if it wasn’t for his “damned gout”

“I can’t go anywhere he said, “I feel bloody trapped”

I didn’t realize gout could be that bad?


Causing A Rift?

He’d recently canceled a cruise, much to his wife’s misery, simply because of an “outrageously painful flare up”

To see him hobbling around in such abject misery made me realize he wasn’t someone to be envied anymore.

Anyway, around March this year, I met him in the park and he was a different man! He was walking with such gusto that I hardly recognized him. He was also back to his jovial self.

“What happened, mate?” I asked.

His answer is the reason I’ve made this post and further piqued my interest in alternative healing of the body.

He told me about how the medications he’d been taking didn’t offer any real long-term relief from his gout and the fact was, once the pain had subsided, it was only a matter of time before the raging pain would come back again.

His wife Jenny had bought him a publication called the Gout Code from the Internet. She was at the end of her tether having to put up with Dave’s misery and at having to cancel a cruise and an incident detailed in the story below. Jenny simply put faith in someone who had once suffered from gout and had found a way of getting rid of gout once and for all.

This is what happened, almost in his own words.

The Gout Code Story

natural cure for goutThe last straw came for Dave when he was in a first-day flare-up when he managed to stub his toe on his 4-year old granddaughters’ tricycle when trying to push her along. He was already in pain before the incident, but this was the explosion that made him hate gout even more than ever.

As he slowly crumbled to the floor, it was all he could do to not burst out into tears, but the agony couldn’t suppress a scream. With Dave lay on the floor in a mass of pain, Lucy, his granddaughter, become scared and burst into tears herself.

Dave summoned all his strength to comfort Lucy, but as they arrived back home, Jenny had seen what had happened and at that moment decided she had to do something to help get rid of this monster living with both of them.

As Jenny said, ‘it’s not just Dave who’s suffering here!’

The Last Chance Saloon

So, she logged onto the Internet and spent a couple of hours trying to find another way to tackle Dave’s gout problem.

She finally bit the bullet with a publication that resonated with both of them. The author had been through the agony and found a way of getting rid of gout once and for all.

But did she trust it to work for Dave? There was only one way to find out and they were both sick of the temporary fixes offered by the medical world.

Jenny pushed the buy button and had immediate access to The Gout Code, probably the last chance for success before they both cracked up!

Dave detailed to me what the Gout Code was all about and how he, through no option, had learned how to control his diet and lifestyle. He admits he doesn’t like change, but with so much at stake, he was more than willing to follow the book word for word.

As he said, “They were slight changes anyway and adding stuff to my diet and taking certain things away is minuscule to what the alternative was”.

What’s Inside The Gout Code?

As with most books, there is an introduction where you learn all about gout from its causes and its symptoms, along with the bigger picture of how you go about finding natural remedies for gout. It’s always a good idea to get a clear understanding of what your ailment is and how it occurs.

Once you’ve understood what this beast of a disease is, the Gout Code moves on to how to beat it. This is where you must make changes and carry out little exercises in and around the problem areas.

Some of the changes involve eating certain foods and taking some away from your diet. There are samples of gout friendly diets or you can just use the foods recommended as a part of your everyday eating habits. Dave said these additions were what really made sense to him and even more sense was the advice on what NOT to eat.


Moving on to the exercises that help get rid of gout. They are simple to implement and only take a few minutes a day. You won’t be running any marathons or paying for a gym membership here!

Although your joints may be stiff and sore, the exercises take this into account and are simple stretching and movement routines. These simple exercises made Dave’s gout pain fade rather than stress the situation further.

The gout exercises are shown with illustrations so it takes the guess work out of thinking you may be doing them all wrong. By now, you will be well on your way to learning how to cure gout.

The Gout Code - Click to Find Out More

Last But Not Leas

The final part of the equation gives you 10 natural remedies that can not only significantly stop gout but also improve your wellbeing altogether. These remedies are probably the most effective part of the Gout Code. It ties everything up into a well-rounded home remedy for gout. All in all, Dave says when it all comes together it makes perfect sense and after a few days of instruction his gout simply went away.

That was over five months ago and he hasn’t had a recurrence of gout since. He’s kept up with his new found routine because, as he says, “Never do I want to go through Hell again!”.

The 6 bonuses I mentioned earlier are eBooks concerned on improving your health. I can’t tell you any further details as Dave hasn’t read them! But the subjects of concern include better sleep, reducing stress, losing weight and general wellbeing. I think they will be read at some time, but at the time of writing, Dave is just happy to be free from gout!

What’s The Summary Of Gout Code?

Dave told me that after 4 days of the severe flare-up (including the stubbed toe moment), the gout pain was gone. He told me his flare-ups usually went on for up to two weeks so was overjoyed with his own efforts applying the Gout Code.

The first day of trying, the real test of the Gout Code, was taken with a sense of trepidation for it to even work. But just a few exercises and the implementation of his diet made a difference after only a few hours.

The Gout pain started to fade away just a day after the stubbed toe incident and calmed down increasingly over the next 2 days. The fourth day, it was gone.

Dave is so aware that gout may return that he keeps up the gout code regime…and Jenny makes sure he sticks to it!

Will The Gout Code Work for You?

My mate Dave is one of life’s skeptics and admits he felt his wife Jenny had lost her mind trusting an online eBook. But because his pain was so severe, he was willing to try anything.

So, if Dave can benefit from the Gout Code, I don’t see why anybody else can’t either. It’s not magic, it’s a simple change of day to day routines. No Pills or Potions anywhere in sight. And no costly prescriptions either!

Recommended For Gout Treatment?

natural gout remediesYes, I would say so. I’m lucky I don’t suffer from gout (yet!) but if, and when, I do succumb, I will be ready to get the Gout Code.

I like to highlight some of the remedies that have been used either by myself, family, or in this case friends. Not all online eBooks are good, in fact, many of them are a sheer waste of time.

But, as I’ve seen in the past, there are some excellent remedies that can be found in digital form if you look hard enough.

This Gout Code has come recommended to me by a trusted friend, and as I’ve seen the change in his appearance from a stumbling, miserable and frustrated man into a happy, outgoing and healthy one, then I’m only too happy to write about it.

Credit where credit is due, I say!

Dave not only kept the digital copy of the Gout Code on his PC and laptop, but he also printed it out fully for both himself and Jenny.

So, in reality, downloading a guidebook in digital format makes perfect sense.

Where Can I Get the Gout Code?

Simple, Pimple. Just click here and be taken to a video by The Gout Code author Lewis Parker, or just read his story here.

The video is long(ish) video, but it’s what helped Dave and Jenny make their mind up about seeking alternative methods to get rid of gout pain.

What I will say though is that Dave was a sufferer of Gout for over a year and had his gout diagnosed by a Doctor. This is very important if this is your first time you fear that you may have gout…go see a Doctor.

Go to your local surgery and seek medical attention first. Make sure its gout you’re suffering from. You will then be told what you must do to relieve the gout pain. You will be given anti-inflammatory medicine, told to rest up and use a cold pack on your affected area.

This is sound advice; Doctors are there for a reason – to help.

Seen Enough of Doctors?

But if you’re a long-time martyr to gout and the stuff they allocate and dish out to you only help in the minimum, then, by all means, try a different route.

The Gout Code has a money back guarantee anyway, so if you’ve followed all the instructions as Dave did and kept up with the advice and you are still having gout attacks, then you can ask for your money back. To me, that makes the whole process risk free.

Again, if you would like to know more, click here to watch the Gout Code video.

Jenny and Dave were sure glad they did.

The Gout Code - Click to Find Out More



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