What Causes Depression?

To understand depression, you need to know what causes depression. Through a solid grasp of the causes of depression one can work more effectively toward finding a cure. Of course, curing depression is not an easy thing to do but you will have a greater understanding of why this is when you take a look at the causes of depression.

What Causes Depression

What Causes Depression? Is It Mental or Physical?

So what causes depression? Is depression caused by physical factors like neurotransmitters in the brain or by mental factors like chronic negative thought patterns? The unsatisfying answer is that it depends on the individual.

For some individuals depression primarily stems from chemical imbalances in the brain and for others the main cause is negative thinking. Other factors such as vitamin deficiencies or excessive exercise could also be the culprit. In short, the causes of depression vary from one individual with depression to the next.

So, Which One Is It?

While an individual’s depression may originate primarily in the mental or physical arena it is important to understand that these two areas are connected. Negative thinking can cause shifts in brain chemistry and shifts in brain chemistry can cause changes in thinking. The cause isnt likely to be purely mental or purely a chemical imbalance. These two are intertwined so when one causes a person to lean toward a depressed state then, in many cases, so does the other.

It is essential to realize that the problem, wherever it stems from, will affect both spheres so to heal depression you need to consider therapeutic approaches that will address both areas.

Is Depression Genetic?

Genetics may predispose an individual to depression slightly but it is hardly a deciding factor. In most cases, it is more likely to see depression run in families because of behaviors and thought patterns that were passed down than it is that genetics are playing a large role. But even if genetics are a factor, this does not do much to affect depression treatment approaches. Successful treatment of depression is still possible.

Is Depression Learned?

Depression can be learned. Negative thinking and negative behaviors can be passed down through families, as mentioned earlier, or an individual can learn negative thinking and behaviors from other people or experiences.

As far as the negative thinking goes, it is not that these situations necessarily made the individual become depressed but that the individual interpreted these events in such a way that negative beliefs were formed and these beliefs endured.

The crucial piece of information here is that anything that was learned can also be unlearned.

Negative thinking can be changed to positive thinking and this seemingly simple act can work wonders to alleviate and even cure depression.

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