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Wahaay Reviews and Ratings

What to make of reviews? Especially those digital products that are downloaded?

Who do you trust?

With digital downloads, you are in the lap of many an unscrupulous reviewer. Some make reviews only to make a commission, some write reviews from the heart, others don’t even try, or buy the product they’re reviewing!

Here at Wahaay, we buy the vast majority of products we review…not all, but most. Some are not even worth buying and a refund is duly requested. Those products are simply not worth spending time over to review.

Others range between excellent, decent and just OK. Those are the reviews that warrant a write up.

Our reviews are ‘fluff-free’ and get to the point. they tell you what you can expect to recieve, who the product is best suited for and where you can buy. We don’t go into long, boring reviews that leave the potential customer none the wiser…we just compact it all into a 5-minute read.

Not everyone will agree with our opinions, and that’s fine. But what we will say is that we’ve been in the digital download business for two decades and we know good (and bad) downloads when we see them.

Why Digital Downloads?

Good question!

The obvious first answer is that they are instantly available. You buy, check your email and there it is! This may include your log-in details for your new purchase, in which case, it takes literally a couple of clicks to get started.

Or you may receive a link so you can have your eBook delivered ready to download to your device.

It really is that easy.

There is no waiting around and getting started is quicker than ever.

Secondly, many of these digital products are not found in any bookshops. There are diverse and interesting ways to find out things you won’t find out about in the high street.

They are backed by money back guarantees.

The Good Of Digital Downloads

As stated above, a great selling point of digital downloads is that they are instantly delivered.

Another good point is that many of them offer unique solutions to problems you won’t find anywhere else. Maybe you’ve been having trouble with a personal matter and don’t want to reveal it to all and sundry? There are products available that give you the ‘think outside of the box’ solution to whatever ails you.

Often digital downloads have huge amounts of information packed into them. Some have wildly active Facebook communities and forums.

Most have money back guarantees which is a must in today’s world. Try getting your money back for a book you bought in your local bookshop. Good luck with that!

A money back guarantee ensures you have a safety net if the product is not for you.

All the digital downloads on the Wahaay Review website use Paypal, so you can be sure of a safe transaction. You’re also backed by Paypal’s outstanding customer service which is second to none.

The Bad Of Digital Downloads

There can be a lot of bad advice in many a digital download. Anyone can produce a 50-page eBook and sell it online if their sales patter is good enough! Be aware of the often used ‘if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is‘ adage.

Many digital products also get outdated. Make sure yours is up to date and still relevant today.

Some of the advice given in these digital downloads can be a little woo-woo! Outlandish claims can be made and you must use your due diligence before parting with any money.

Some products are over-hyped and use snake oil salesmanship. This is the way of the world online. As they are not making eye contact with you, they have to ‘up’ the sales talk. This is not always ethical and that’s why your should read our reviews first!

Digital Downloads tend to be more expensive than products you can find in stores. Not always, but mostly.

Don't Be Afraid Of Digital Downloads!

Digital Downloads have a bad rep, but that’s because when the Internet came along some 20-odd years ago, people got rich by selling almost anything digitally. It was like the old days of the Wild West when a guy would roll up into town on a horse drawn cart and sell ‘feel good’ potions from the back of his wagon.

Those days are over, but the stigma is still somewhat attached today, although slowly diminishing.

The creators (or Vendors) of these digital downloads spend thousands upon thousand in production and advertising. Their products just get better and better.

And don’t forget they all have money back guarantees so you’re not really risking anything but your time.

It’s a huge business with millions of dollars being exchanged and it’s not going away anytime soon.

So, be confident in your investment. Try them out in earnest and take action. You have nothing to lose!

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