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Auto Lotto Processor Review

Most people have been into the lottery for a long time now. They believe hitting the jackpot prize could bring a amazing change in their lives. After all, it’s huge money that comes with every lottery game. Some of you might believe that winning the lottery is a matter of luck or being in the right place at the right time. However, for multiple-lottery winner Richard Lustig, this is not the case. He claims that it’s not all about luck.

That is why he created the Auto Lotto Processor. This software he designed is a program that explains the technique of how the winning numbers are being selected in lottery games. Backed-up by customers who have found success, the Auto Lotto Processor has produced several successful winners who have carefully followed the program. The Auto Lotto Processor aims to give you a higher probability of winning the lottery when you implement the tricks and tips that can be found inside.

How Does Auto Lotto Processor Work?

The Auto Lotto Processor is an online program that can help you in choosing the right numbers for your lottery game in order to win the cash prize. The program generates, as it says automatically, a set of numbers. These numbers are not randomly picked. Instead, they are being created based on the statistics of previous winning numbers, and their frequency, calculations, and more.

Auto Lotto Processor has the ability to do statistical analysis on lottery games based on several mentioned factors. Based on the program, you will have to take the suggested numbers and play them over and over until you win. The software selects different numbers for several lottery programs. This is what the program boasts as it calculates higher chances of winning in many lottery games and not just in one lottery category.

Generating numbers by using statistics of certain given criteria takes an amount of randomness out of the possible resulting winning tickets.

Who is the Author?

The man behind this online software is Richard Lustig. From 1991 to 2010, he was able to win the lottery an amazing seven times.

With his experience, he came up with an idea to formulate a technique that would help people like you win the lottery once and for all. He hired multiple experts along with game theory commentators, software developers, computer scientists, and statistical analysists.

Forming his team, they were able to go into deep research and finally came up with the technique used by Richard himself while playing the lottery. His historical data and successful patterns were the basis of this software development and Richard has appeared on TV and with a host of celebrities.

How Much Does Auto Lotto Processor Cost?

The Auto Lotto Processor was being sold on the market for around $197, but now, to give everyone a chance, the offer is discounted at 50% off. This takes the price down to an affordable $97. This software has no hidden cost and has no upsells, which, unfortunately, is becoming a trend in the internet world. If you want to improve your chances of winning any lottery, you will have to follow the tips and instructions given by Richard in the accompanying book. To get the best result, he encourages you to play several games and not just one, but to keep on trying until you hit the jackpot.

What Else Does Auto Lotto Processor Contain?

The best thing about Auto Lotto Processor is that the program is compatible with all types of lottery games. Regardless of which country you are living in, the software can be used with no geographical issues at all.

That is why thousands of customers who have purchased this product came from abroad.

Whether you are new to the lottery world or have been playing along for years, this software can be used by anyone. Another great feature of this product is that it has an added tracking system that can generate data from different lottery systems around the world. This program is an easy tool that you can use to help you select the numbers that have higher chances of winning. With more than 126,000 variables and factors being analyzed, this software program is a statistical number cruncher.

Once you have access to the tool, there is no limit on how many times you can use the program. The program has a great data storage feature that keeps a record of past winning numbers. The main goal of Richard with Auto Lotto Processor is to help you increase the probability of winning by giving you a set of analyzed, and not randomly-picked, numbers. The Auto Lotto Processor has a user-friendly interface. Anyone you uses it will have no technicality issues since it’s extremely user friendly.

Auto Lotto Processor – The PROS:

There are many advantages this tool offers. Here are some of the benefits you can get if you purchase Auto Lotto Processor:

  • Risk-free
    This online software is a trusted tool when it comes to lottery games. It is safe and claimed to be highly effective by customers who have already used it.

  • Customer Support

    Once you have this online tool, you will have access to prompt and excellent customer service the by Auto Lotto Processor team. Once you experience any problem you can directly contact their customer care and receive fast and top service from their team.

  • Numerous techniques
    The Auto Lotto Processor software provides you with several strategies in winning the lottery. The software can be used in different lottery game categories and not just one. The software uses real data from different lottery games around the world. The information used in this software is being analyzed in the most scientific way possible using statistics, probabilities, and other date calculation methods.
  • Compatible

    The Auto Lotto Processor can be used by anyone who plays the lottery all over the world.

  • Affordable
    The program can be bought at an affordable rate. It’s a good deal given that you are provided with higher chances of winning in the lottery. It’s a small price to pay after.
  • 60-Day Money Back
    The Auto Lotto Processor software tool offers a money-back guarantee feature. This means you can return the product and get a full refund within 60 days if you are not satisfied. This is an absolute deal since some of the lottery software products do not offer this kind of system. So you have nothing to lose at all.

Auto Lotto Processor – The Cons:

  • Requires internet connection
  • May Require a Certain Amount of Patience


If you desperately want to win any lottery game, the Auto Lotto Processor is a must-try. The product does not promise winning results based on hunch or randomness but uses the science of data in analyzing your future win.

Any help in the aim of winning big money is welcomed, but if you’re not at all satisfied with your results, then you can get you’re money back within the programs 60-day money back guarantee.

What’s left to chance?