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Old School New Body Review

A recent survey shows that around 90% of men and women appear older than their actual age. Some would take pills and potions to stop themselves from looking older than they really are. Others may opt for surgeries as a more dramatic answer. But did you know that there is a simpler, much less paimful, way you can try if you want to look fresh and young again?

There is no real reason to risk side effects from pills or undergo the knife to look and feel much younger than their age belies. The Old School New Body Program is a healthy and natural approach to roll back the years without putting your body in any sort of danger.

What is the Old School New Body Program?

The Old School New Body Program is a workout routine that is designed to change the way you look. It will help to gain the younger and fresher look that was once taken for granted. The Old School New Body Program is an excellent solution that will guide you on how to build and maintain a healthy looking body.

The best part of this program is that the workout routines are suitable for anyone. Whether you are an adult who may feel exercise is beyond you, this product has got you covered. The only part of this life changing routine is that you are commited and determined to complete the program to achieve your new healthy body and fresh look.

The Old School New Body Program contains workout guides that you need to perform for only 90 minutes every week. If you want to experience a positive change in your life, especially on your looks and body, then this product may just be perfect for you.

What’s inside the Old School New Body Program?

The Old School New Body Program is a resistance fitness program that helps you achieve a lean and toned body. The program will help you regain muscles and burn the fat off.

This program has a series of low-weight workouts that are specifically designed for older people. Once you start the program, it will help you burn calories faster, reshape your body, slow down the aging process, gain lean muscles, increase the production of the growth hormones within the body, and strengthen body joints.

The main focus of the program revolves around the low-weight exercises making it much easier for tired or wasted muscle areas. This method is based on the work of Vince Gironda who was a renowned old school fitness and body sculpting trainer.

Who is Behind the Old School New Body Program?

The Old School New Body Program is produced by Becky Holman, her husband Steve Holman, and John Rowley. Steve Holman is the man behind the Iron Magazine and has 25 years of experience on fitness and health following the methods of Vince Gironda.

He studied and learned many principles and methods of this program after the death of Gironda. He has written several articles and books about weight loss, fitness, and nutrition. Steve started weight lifting at a young age. As he became older, he ventured into F4X workouts for his amazing body transformation. 

How Does the Old School New Body Program Work?

The Old School New Body Program is a guidebook and training program that helps you lose weight when you are in, or heading towards, middle age. When you reach your 40’s/50’s etc, the body’s ability to burn fat drastically decreases.

This is because you lose a considerable amount of muscle as you age. With the help of this program, you will be able to gain lean muscles and increase the ability of your body to burn calories easily and quickly.

The program contains a set of easy high-intensity muscle workouts. It comes with workout plans that are simple and easy to implement. Once you start on your routine, you don’t need to change or restrict your eating habits. You will only need a small adjustment to your diet as you go along with the program.

A proper diet mixed with the Old School New Body Program workouts, guarantees to help you lose weight faster and safer.

What’s Inside The Old School New Body Program?

Once you purchase the program, you will have access to the following content:

Old School New Body Program

This eBook contains the main guide and instructions on how to execute the F4X exercises. This guide will introduce you to the main program along with the simple diet rules that you should follow. It also comes with advanced F4X training designed for those who want to level up their workout routines.

F4X Workout Guide

This guide contains a summary of the whole program. You can instantly implement the exercises without the need to read the whole introduction of the program, although it is recommended to read the whole publication before starting in earnest. It has three main workouts, including Lean, Shape, and Build.

Fat Burning Secret

This eBook has tips and techniques on how to lose weight faster by giving you a list of a specific set of foods and nutrition plan indicated in the program.

Muscle Building Secret

This guide will provide you with rules and instructions on how to build up the lean muscle of the body. It contains useful information about which fruits that can help your body improve the level of testosterone and more. 

Sex and Anti-Aging Secret

This book is perfect for those who want to improve their sex life as the aging process continues. It allows you to learn valuable information on how to reduce wrinkles, sleep better, and live longer. It also contains a list of food that will help you attain the aphrodisiac effect that enhances sexual desire and performance.

Happiness and Health Secret

This particular guide will help you on how to achieve a longer and happier life. This book encourages you on how to change your mindset to live a healthier and happier life. It provides information on the food you can try to reduce depression tendencies and improve your mood instantly.

Old School New Body – The Pros:

  • Although aimed at the ‘older’ student, it is uitable for all ages
  • Created by fitness and health experts with proof and social backups
  • Easy and less exhaustive than many training routines
  • Takes minimal time – 90 minutes per week
  • Good value for money – Look for exit pages when viewing
  • Many positive feedbacks
  • 60-Day Money-back guarantee

Old School New Body – The Cons:

  • Results may take time unless you ‘up-your-game’
  • Only Available to Purchase online
  • Dedication Needed

Final Words

The course is much gentler than most ‘get fit’ programs, however that doesn’t mean you get off lightly! The workouts may be easy for the younger generation, but as we get older, our stamina and strength diminishes and that’s why the Old School New Body Program is perfect for those who can’t, or don’t want to, push their body to the limits.

The food suggestions are easy to add to your diet and the information regarding health is useful to have in your locker.

The program has been around for quite a while and is best known for being one of the ‘real’ get fit products that actually works. The coaches have all been in the industry for most of their lives and have proven that their methods are particularly in tune with an older generation of keep fit enthusiasts.

With the added bonus of a 60-day money back guarantee, the Old School New Body is a program you have nothing to lose with. The training goes back to the old days when everything was much simpler than it is today.