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Total Money Magnetism Review

In today’s world, most people’s decisions are based on their financial status. Some dream to buy the things they love or travel to different places around the world, but the only thing that hinders them from making these dreams into reality is money.

As much as you want to visit all the countries in the world, or buy that luxury car you’ve wanted for years, your financial status just won’t allow it. Often, you become stressed and depressed because of these unattainable goals, but did you know that your brain is a powerful tool in achieving financial success?

With Total Money Magnetism, you can change your poor mindset and explore the world of how millionaires think and do as they do. They are millionaires because of the way they act and think.

What is the Total Money Magnetism?

The Total Money Magnetism is a new product developed by a famous personal development expert, Steve G. Hones. He developed his own prolific mindset with his favorite books that focus on hypnotherapy, self-help, and other personal development topics.

The Total Money Magnetism is a program of personal development steps that teach you how to renew your mind in order to make yourself successful when it comes to obtaining money. Many programs proclaim you can unleash the hidden power of your mind in attracting and finding out your deepest desires in life. However, Total Money Magnetism focuses alone on how you can make money easily and successfully. The Total Money Magnetism is composed of positive money-minded topics that are well-researched and presented within this course.

The Total Money Magnetism Program is a 194-page book that reveals the secrets on how to focus your mind and transform into it into a millionaire’s brain. It teaches you how to attract an overwhelming positive feeling in creating wealth by changing your attitude through a distinct type of self-hypnosis.

How Does Total Money Magnetism Program Work?

The Total Money Magnetism Guide contains a 6-tier brain sound program, including neurology technology that can improve program results. This Millionaire’s brain program provides a 6-step path that ensures you receive the most effective results. This application is a powerful program that allows you to become more focused and make your brain work with more fluidity. This course works well because it focuses on specific parts of the brain that aids in the development of the millionaire’s mentality.

The main focus of the Total Money Magnetism is to transform your mindset from a negative into a positive millionaire mindset, something that takes a certain pathway of guidance. Targeting the brain, the millionaire’s application will almost guarantee to provide positive results when properly followed. Another feature of the program is the Platinum Millionaire’s Mind, which is an audio sound file that can help your brain remove the negative thinking from your brain. The program shows its best results after three weeks of implementation and commitment to focus.

What Your Brain Will Learn

  • How to charge your mind into making life changing decisions
  • Hidden principles on attaining a prosperous success
  • How to use success in life automatically
  • Benefits of a neurological program and to make the most of it
  • How hypnosis works and its purpose
  • Interviews with several millionaires for Motivation and Inspiration
  • How you can make money online quickly
  • Step by step guide on how to become successful in all your endeavours

What’s Inside the Total Money Magnetism Course?

This eBook course contains several strategies in creating wealth as well as exercises that can help your brain attain an optimum purpose in creating financial success.

Inside the Total Money Magnetism, you will find several hypnosis tracks, course videos on how to earn money instantly, interviews and testimonials, and several sessions with Dr. Jones.

As mentioned, the Total Money Magnetism includes several components that you need to learn in order to achieve positive results in the best possible time successfully. Once you purchase this product, you will get the following:

  • The main 194-page eBook teaching the Total Money Magnetism
  • Videos from real-life millionaires that can trigger the financial enthusiast in you
  • Audio files of self-help hypnosis designed to complement the main program
  • Bonus inside sessions with Steve
  • Free subscription to other personal development courses about love, wealth, health, life
  • Insightful video course about the fastest ways to make money online

Total Money Magnetism – The Pros:

Great Quality

The Total Money Magnetism is a full course being published by a trusted company, Unica Publications. This company has a good track record when it comes to producing high-quality informational products. It is professionally made which can guarantee you 100% satisfaction once you get a copy. The video and audio clips are of the highest quality too.


The product contains valuable information about financial success. If you are really dedicated to improving your wealth status, the Total Money Magnetism is excellent value for money if you want to get inside a millionaires mindset and utilize it for yourself.

Reliable Author

Unlike other personal development products, the Total Money Magnetism is authored by a trusted and legit expert. His teachings will inspire you to strive hard and make money with the only thing stopping you being yourself. He encourages you to unlock your mind to thousands of possibilities for a highest chance of financial success.

Reasonably priced

The Total Money Magnetism is competitively priced at around $47 at the time of writing. For such a high-quality product, you will be hard pressed to find another similar course in this price range.

Money Back Guarantee

You have nothing to worry about risking your money since Total Money Magnetism has a full refund policy within 60 days if you are not satisfied with the product or its support.

Customer Support

The product has consistent updating and ongoing customer support for your queries.

Total Money Magnetism – The Cons:

  • Requires time, dedication and a belief in yourself
  • Does not guarantee overnight success
  • Only available online and digital at the time of writing

Final Words

If one of your goals in life is to become stable and wealthy, then the Total Money Magnetism is worth a try. For a high-quality product at a reasonable price, you will definitely get the most out of what is being taught here.

If you want to enhance your financial position, the Total Money Magnetism offers you the best way to do this. With so many personal development programs out there, this one from Jones is definitely a go!

The only stumbling block is yourself. If you take the Total Money Magnetism course seriously and put time and effort into it, you will find the rewards are just around the corner. Trying to make your brain get into a new mindset might seem a little daunting, but with the audio files and training methods within this course, it will almost seem as your mindset is changing automatically.

Try it. If you want to see and feel how millionaires get their status, and keep it there, then your mind needs to be changed. A leap of faith is all that’s required.